Animal Kingdom


These MCQs are intended for checking your Biology Chapter ANIMAL KINGDOM,  knowledge.

Choose the false option.

The above description is the characteristic of phylum

Triploblastic, unsegmented, acoelomate exhibiting bilateral symmetry and reproducing both asexually and sexually,
with some parasitic forms.

The pseudocoelomate among these is

In tissue level of organisation the

The term 'bilateral symmetry refers

A complete set of the mouth parts of the cockroach consists of

In the digestive system of cockroach, gastric caeca is present at the junction of

The response to external stimulus is maximally quicker and more precise in which of the following

True segmentation is also called

Fill in the blanks with the correct options.
I...... have cellular level of organisation
II. Coelom is not seen in ........
III. Radial symmetry is seen in phylum-Coelenterata, Ctenophora and...C.....
IV. Notochord is lacking in ...D...
V....... are bilaterally symmetrical.
Here I to V refers to

Higher phylum like echinoderms are

Which one of the following figures shows coelomate condition?

Radial symmetry is seen in

Body cavity lined by mesoderm is called

Diploblastic animals belong to the phylum

Which one of the following statements is totally wrong about the occurrence of notochord, while the other three are

In some chordates, the notochord is modified as the vertebral column. Such animals are called vertebrates.
Which one of these statements makes sense?

Phylum that exhibit radial or radial-like symmetry is/are

Tube-within-tube body plan is found in which animal?

Hypopharynx of the cockroach acts as

Which one of the following sets of animals belong to a single taxonomic group?

Organ system level of organization is observed in

The animal with bilateral symmetry in young stage and radial pentamerous symmetry in the adult stage belongs to the

Which of the following is/are correct?

The cross-section of the body of an invertebrate is given below. Identify the animal, which has this body plan

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