Anatomy of Flowering Plants


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Intercellular space present in -

Pits present in -

Pit is location where .............. Is absent -

Which of the following is lateral but primary -

Hypodermis of .............. Have collenchyma

All the xylem elements, when mature, are dead except

How many of the following is product of differentiation- leaf, root branch, stem branch , Cortex

Intercalary meristem is responsible for -

Cells of _____ tissue are living, show angular wall thickenings and provide mechanical support.

Which of the following is lateral meristem

Consider the following statement-
(1) Primary root have root cap
(2) Secondary xylem is product of Dedifferentiation
Mark the correct-

Cork cambium is product of ...............

Which of the following tissue is complex permanent tissue -

Which of the following is product of differentiation -

Protoderm in Root give rise to -

Primary meristem is .....................

A plant tissue, when stained, showed the abundance of hemicellulose and pectin in wall of its cells. The tissue

Which one of the following is not a characteristic of meristematic cells?

Which of the following is photosynthetic -

Sclreids are present in -

Read the following statements regarding meristematic cells and select the correct ones.
(i) Cells possess the ability to grow and divide.
(ii) Cells have dense cytoplasm with prominent nucleus.
(iii) Well developed vacuole

Which of he following not have Collenchyma ?

Leaf Always develop from ....................

Lignification not present in -

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