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The medullary pyramids projects into the

Which is the element that hardens the tooth enamel

Hormones provides coordination in

Transport of two types of molecules across the membrane
in the opposite direction is called:

Gut is the …… lined cavity.

Advantage of closed circulatory system is that

Best phase to visualise morphology

Lining of body cavities, ducts and tubes are made up of

Deficiency of which mineral first appear in Young leaf-

The cholesterol molecule is :

which is uncommon between sugar of ribose and deoxyribose

Mineral involve in Translocation of Carbohydrate-

Chargaff, in his experiments on the chemistry of DNA
estimated the base composition of human DNA and found
Adenine constitute 31% and Guanine 19%. The quantity of
cytosine in the DNA of a human somatic cell is likely to be

When water moves out of the cell and the cell membrane of
a plant cell shrinks away from its cell wall called as:

Hypoxanthine obtained from deamination from-

Hypothalamus contains several groups of neurosecretory cells called

The minerals responsible for the maintenance of fluid
balance in the body are :

Grouping of ABO blood is based on the

Which of the following is lateral meristem

Organism which is probably present in deep sea where little
light penetrate-

Mesosomes are present in -

Movement of food in Oesophagus occurs by following movement

Select the correct option to represent A to E in the give structure of a neuron.

Which teeth help in cutting?

Which of the following is an energy yielding process?

Sheath forming Schwann cells are found in

Hypothalamus is the

Oxytocin and vasopressin are stored and released by

Bacteria can be classified into two groups on the basis of the differences in the .................. and the manner in which they respond to the...........procedure developed by Gram

Which is most harmful for an enzyme?

The cell body of neuron contains

Which one of the following does not
differ in E. coli and

Schleiden and Schwann’s cell theory
could not explain

The common phase between aerobic and anaerobic
respiration is called-

ATP contains-

Consider the following-
(a) In glycolysis two oxidative decarboxylation occur
(b) partial oxidation of sugar occur in glycolysis
how many are correct

which of the following is not homopolymer-

Most abundant protein in human body is

In globular protein which amino acid probably found
inside of protein-

Zoospore is present in -

The primary structure of a protein is due to

Type of linkage present in a polynucleotide chain is -

One of these is not an amino acid :

Amount of DNA is vary between c and 2c

Dental formula shows type and no. of teeth in

Protein in the membrane is responsible for which type of

Auxanometer is used to measure

Mustard plant differ from Ulothrix in having -

Niacin is precursor of coenxyme :

Which of the following lack chl a-

Figure shows human urinary system with structures labelled A-D. Select option, which correctly identifies them and gives their characteristics and/of functions?

Which one of the following is not a characteristic of meristematic cells?

Which of the following is present in all bacteria -

Development includes (plants)
I. Differentiation
II. Redifferentiation
III. Dedifferentiation
Select the right combination from the given option

Heterophylly can be observed in
I. cotton  II. coriander  III. Larkpur
Select the right option

First phosphorylation of glucose during glycolysis is
catalyzed by

The common passage for food and air is

The organic compound synthesised by the leaves during
photosynthesis, are transported to all other parts in:

Which of the following is incorrectly matched-

In Humans, ……..alimentary canal is present

Which of the following is a transparent tissue?

Choose the correct answer:
A concentration gradient must present for molecules to
diffuse even if facilitated by the proteins called as:

Intercalary meristem is responsible for -

which of the following is not occur in photochemical phase or light reaction

Cytochromes are

Identify the basic functions of neural system.

Mark the incorrectly matched-

How many layers are present in the diffusion membrane of alveolus capillary?

Structural and functional unit of the kidney is

Which enzyme/s do not follow km constant?

Cells of _____ tissue are living, show angular wall thickenings and provide mechanical support.

Glycosidic linkage absent in -

fructose is present in-

Choose the correct ones.
I. Efferent arteriole carries the blood away from the glomerulus toward renal vein.
II. Afferent arteriole carries the blood to renal vein.
III. Podocytes form minute spaces(slit pores) for the filtration of blood into the Bowman's capsule.
IV. In Henle's loop is maximum reabsorption of the major substances from the glomerular filtrate.
The correct option is

Which of the following is a defining characteristic of living organisms?

which is not true about zoospore of brown algae-

The functions of the organs/organ systems in our body must be coordinated to maintain.......... Complete the given statement.

Which of the following statement is incorrect about nasopharynx?

Critical concentration is -

Which of the following have Nucleic acid -
(a)Nucleoid (b) Ribosome (c) Plasmid
Mark the correct option -

Which of the following is an energy yielding process?

Schwann proposed cell theory
according to which

Resorption of water and electrolytes by distal tubules of kidney and reducing the loss of water through urine(diuresis)
done by

Van neil confirm O2 released is from water; this was proved using -

The type of dentition in which each tooth is embedded in a socket…….

In plant ........ is absent

In females, the …A… induces the ovulation of fully mature follicle called ….B… and maintain the ….C… ovulation.
Select the correct combination in reference to the above given statement.

Tissue is

Mark the wrongly matched-

Which of the following is lateral but primary -

Tendons help in connecting

which is correct about ribose sugar

Which of the following statement/s is/are true for ciliary movements?

The amino acid which gives rise to thyroxine is :

‘Omnis cellula-e-cellula.(all cell arise
from pre-existing cells). Who gave
this concept and modified the cell

Which of the following is strongest bond in the native
tertiary structure of globular protein?

Panthera and Ape have common-

Which amino acid not contain OH group in side chain-

Which of the following show epigynous flower -

Which of the following statements is incorrect with reference to the columnar epithelium?

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These MCQs are intended for checking your BiologyAll Chapters  knowledge!!

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Antherozooid or sperm produced in organism which produced-

The offspring of AAbb × aaBB is crossed with aabb. The genotypic ratio of progeny will be

Saheli, a female antifertility pill is used:

Which of the following antibody is related to
allergic response?

GMO / transgenic animal are used in testing safety of polio vaccine before they are used on human?

Minamata disease is caused by contamination of

In a 680 nm DNA if 20 percent is Adenine than number of
guanine is

Keeping beehives in crop fields during flowering period increases

Dihybrid cross is made between RRYY (wrinkled yellow
seed) and yyrr (wrinkled green seed) of pea F2 ratio
amongst round yellow , round green , wrinkled yellow, and
wrinkled would be

In a diooceious flower which is chasmogamous which is

The functions of the organs/organ systems in our body must be coordinated to maintain.......... Complete the given statement.

Homeostatis is

Genetic diversity is the measure of

The infectious and contagious bacterial disease that affects cattle, buffaloes, horses, sheeps and goats is

Which of the following is an example of manmade ecosystem

A correct dihybrid condition is-

In treatment of waste water, biological treatment is-

Amount of DNA in vegetative cell of pollen and synergids is-

There is a restriction endonuclease called Eco RI. What does ‘co’ part in it stands for ?

Which of the following not show internal fertilization-

…………rule states that mammals from colder
climates generally have shorter ears and limbs
to minimize heat loss

Which type of bond present in deoxyribose adenosine and
phosphate in nucleotide-

Which is not feature of clone-

Isogamous and anisogamos type of reproduction present in all
group except-

Stratification is more pronounced in

Eurythermal are the organism which

Which is correct about chara-

How many different kind of gametes will be produced by a
plant having the genotype AABbCC?

Primary production is

Vas deferens arises from

Given below are four statements (i)-(iv) Which two of the following statements are correct?
(i) It is estimated that more that 70 percent of the world livestock population is in India and China
(ii) Stringent cleanliness and hygiene (both of the cattle and the handlers) are of paramount importance while milking,
Storage and transport of the milk and its products.
(iii) Out-breeding is the breeding between animals of the same breed only.
(iv) Crosses between different breeds is called inbreeding.

Crossing of individuals of two different species to produce a hybrid is called

If vegetative cell of pollen grain have 6800 nm DNA than
number of base pair in Pollen mother cell is -

Following are the steps of southern blot procedure.
I. Autoradiography II. Hybridization with radioactive nucleic acid (probe)
III. Blotting IV DNA fragments are treated to make them single stranded
V Electrophoresis VI. Clearing of DNA by restriction endonuclease
VII. Isolation of DNA from sample
The correct sequence is -

Which of the following have oogamous type of reproduction-

Sporogenous tissue is -

An adaptation in Opuntia is that, it performs
photosynthesis by

Number of cytokinesis occur to form mature embryo sac
with 7 cell is

Word detritus includes

Which is incorrect about DNA-

(i) Is a non-degradable pollutant
(ii) shows biomagnification
(iii) is harmful to fishes and birds
(iv) is a pesticide

Which of the following could be a permanent cure for treatment of severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) -

Which gas is responsible for the puffed-up appearance of dough?

On earth, from the following which evolve

Which of the following necessarily show internal fertilization-

Alleles are

Modified stem develop new plant -

Synaptic vesicles contains chemicals called

- - are used in detergent formulations and are helpful in removing oily stains from laundry.

Basal bulged part of pistil is known as ………..

Nature and properties of soil in different
places vary due to

Pick out the correct choice from the following

In viola which type of pollination can occur-

A microbial biocontrol agent that can be used to control butterfly catepillars is

which is similarity between exine and intine-

The term “ inbreeding depression” is related to

Which of the following can not be true for oogamous –

A detritivore is

Units of life called spores were transferred to
………….. according to theory of Panspermia

Study the following statements regarding inbreeding and select the incorrect ones.
(i) The inbreeding strategies allow the desirable qualities ot two different breeds to be combined
(ii) It increases homozygosity
(iii) It also helps in elimination of less desirable genes
(iv) Continued inbreeding increases fertility and productivity

Which type of bond present in deoxyribose adenosine
monophosphate and phosphate in nucleotide-

Big Bang theory explain evolution of

The enzymatic process by which degraded
detritus is converted into simpler inorganic
substances is called

Temperature in scrotum necessary for sperm
formation should be

Break down of detritus into smaller particles
by detritivores is a process called

Which is true for isogamete –

Which of the following microbe is used for ripening of Swiss cheese?

Which of the following is a natural pollution?

Conformers are also called

Gases which was produced from molten mass
of early earth

On a logarithmic scale, the species –area
relationship is a straight line described by the

Which of the following plays a role in indigenous system of medicine?

Food is stored in form of carbohydrate in –

Which is wrongly matched about chromosome in meiocyte-

First country of world which adopt family planning

which is correct about ribose sugar-

How many statements are correct ?
(i) Surgical methods of contraception prevent
gamete formation.
(ii) Creating awareness about sex related aspects is
an effective method to improve reproductive health
of the people.
(iii)Complete lactation could help as a natural
method of contraception.
(iv) Infertility is defined as the inability to
reproduce a viable offspring and is always due to
abnormalities / defects in the female partner.
(v)All sexually transmitted diseases are completely

Injection of antitoxin in tetanus confers which type
of Immunization ?

Egg apparatus is similar to role what ………… perform in

The most abundant class of immunoglobulins in the
body is:

Consider the following statement-
(a) all diplontic plant show oogamous
(b) all haplo-diplontic plant show oogamous type of reproduction
Mark the correct-

A free living nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium which can also form symbiotic association with the water fern Azolla

What percentage of animal on this earth are
regulators and conformers, respectively ?

Aquaculture does not include

Which of the following cells secrete testicular
hormones called androgens and form endocrine part
of the testis ?

Detail which is not present on herbarium sheet-

Development includes (plants)
I. Differentiation
II. Redifferentiation
III. Dedifferentiation
Select the right combination from the given option

If on a papaya plant total 15 fruits are present than minimum
number of flower should develop on the same plant to give this
fruit –

Ecological diversity exists at community level
and is of three types. Select the correctly
matched option for ecological diversity

Antisense RNA is -

Alexander von Humboldt described for the
first time

Major biomes of India include
I. Tropical rainforest
II. Alpine region
III. Deciduous forest
IV. Desert
V. Himalayan region
VI. Sea coast
Choose the correct combination for given

Why insulin not administered orally to diabetic patient?

Which of the following points are important for successful bee-keeping?
(i) Knowledge of the nature and habits of bees
(ii) Selection of suitable location for keeping the beehives
(iii) Management of beehives during during different seasons
(iv) Cross hybridization among the select parents

Dihybrid cross is related to

Genetic engineering techniques includes

Select the incorrect statement

What happens to activated sludge?

Highest level of biological hierarchy in the
given options is

The techniques that are included under biotechnology are

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