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Which of the following originates from the tyrosine

The ability of plants to follow different pathway to form
different structures in response to environment is called

Agar- Agar is polymer of –

In S-shaped curve, the growth is highest in which phase?

The “energy currency” of plants and animals is-

During swallowing, glottis can be covered by a thin elastic cartilaginous flap called …A…to prevent the entry of
food into larynx. Trachea is it straight tube extending up to ...B...cavity. which then divides into right and left
primary …C…
Choose the correct option for .A, B and C from the given four options to complete the above statement.

Glycocalyx differs in ............. and ......... among different bacteria

Most abundant protein on earth in animals are-

In majority of nephrons, the loop of Henle's is found in the

Neuron is composed of

Detail which is not present on herbarium sheet-

I. causes partial oxidation of glucose (one molecule)
to form 2-molecules of pyruvic acid and 2 ATP as net gain
II. takes place in all living cells
III. uses 2 ATP at two steps
IV. scheme was given by Gustav Embden, Otto Mayerhof and J Parnas
Choose the correct option containing appropriate
statements from the above

Which of the following tissues performs the function of linking and supporting other tissues of the body?

In a tissue, the structure of cells varies according to their

Which of the following enzyme located in cytoplasm-

Panthera and Ape have common-

Over small distances substances move by:

Panthera, tiger, cat , dog, felidae, human, gibbon, housefly, mosquito, Ape- how many belong to same class-

Which of the following is feature of cyanobacteria-

Nicotinamide can be synthesised in human body from

The most likely method, used to
determine the ultrastructure of a
cell organelle is

Adult human haemolgobin consists of

Senescence as active developmental cellular process in the
growth and functioning of a flowering plant. Is indicated in

Choose the correctly matched pair.

Which of the following have phosphodiester bond

From given features- self replicating, circular, Nucleic acid , have gene,
Double stranded -how many are present in plasmid-

The structure which separates oral cavity from nasal cavity

A pregnant female delivers a baby, who suffers from stunted growth, mental retardation low intelligence quotient and
abnormal skin. This is the result of

Which type of bond present in Polysaccharide

Permeability of the membrane to a substance depends on
which factor:

Identify which respiratory structure possesses the following features and choose the correct option accordingly.
(A) Found in mammals
(B) Highly muscular and fibrous partition, elevated towards the thorax like a dome
(C) Separates thoracic and abdominal cavity.

Each nephron has two parts, which are

First phosphorylation of glucose during glycolysis is
catalyzed by

Which of The following is Oxidisable compound in light reaction -

Food is stored in form of oil and starch in –

Which of the following have heterocyclic ring-

Gigantism and dwarfism are the disease related to

Most common type of Reproduction in Porphyra is -

What will the formula of a polysaccharide formed by the
condensation of 60 ribose sugar units.

The store house of calcium ions in the muscle fiber is

In humans, teeth that are monophyodont are

Which of the following plasmid can induce tumour in roots -

Myofilaments or myofibrils are

Secondary xylem is product of -

Mineral involve in Translocation of Carbohydrate-

Which of the following examples not show hypogynous flower-

Which type of bond present in nucleic acid-

Which of the following cells is/are contained in areolar connective tissue?

Which of the following is lateral but primary -

Which of the following structures are situated in the cortical region of the kidney? I. Malpighian corpuscle II. PCT (Proximal Convoluted Tubule) III. DCT (Distal Convoluted Tubule) IV. Loop of Henle V. Collecting duct

unequal and lateral flagella present in-

In cortical nephrons,

Motile asexual spore present in-

Which is true regarding Glycolysis

More number of common characters are observed in members of a

ATP is-

Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding
enzymatic activity?

α-D glucose is not present in-

Which one of the following does not
differ in E. coli and

Example of brown algae which is Oogamous-

The enzyme which converts glucose to glucose-6-
phosphate is-

Which of the following is similarity of prokaryotes with Eukaryotes-
(A) cell membrane (B) flagella
(C) role of ribosome (D) plasmid
Mark the correct

The genetic material of prokaryotic

Which of the following pair have most common feature

Identify A-D in the following structure and tick the correct option for A, B, C and D.

Human beings are living and -

Feedback inhibition of enzyme is influenced by

Tulip and gloriosa have feature
(1) Bilateral symmetry (2) Racemose
(3) Perigynous (4) Hypogynous

Fill up the blanks by option for the correct combination of A to E.
I. Endocrine glands secrete ...A....
II. The columnar epithelium is composed of single layer of...B... and...C... cells.
III. ...D...covers dry surfaces of the skin.
IV. ...E... performs the function of connecting cells to keep neighbouring cells together.

Which type of bond Absent in secondary structure of

Actinomorphic flower present in

Which teeth help in cutting?

A dental disease characterized by mottling of teeth is due to the presence of a certain chemical element in drinking
water. Which of the following is that element?

The word ending with - aceae indicates

Which of the following can be monomer which join to form
polynucleotide chain as monomer -

xanthine obtained from deamination from-

Family with Epigynous flower is -

The process of excretion involves

Which type of reproduction not present in algae -

Read the following statements regarding the digestive system and select the correct statement.

Superior ovary present in –

The above description is the characteristic of phylum

Triploblastic, unsegmented, acoelomate exhibiting bilateral symmetry and reproducing both asexually and sexually,
with some parasitic forms.

Taxonomy comprises

Hypogynous flower is present in-

Respiratory pathway is-

The enzyme required to convert Fructose into Fructose-6-

Which of the following have phosphodiester bond

Which of the following is optically inactive -

Arrange the following parts of the nephron in a sequential manner and select the correct option accordingly.

I. Glomerulus II. Bowman's capsule   III. Henle's loop IV. Proximal convoluted tubule V. Collecting duct VI. Distal convoluted tubule

Select the correct option to represent A to E in the give structure of a neuron.

The amino acid tryptophan is the precursor for the synthesis of

Why terrestrial organism excrete lesser toxic nitrogenous waste?

Which of the following is a defining characteristic of living organisms?

Type of bond absent in ATP is -

Amount and ploidy of haploid cell in G2

Glucose generally made in green part of plant and stored in form of starch was discovered by-

From given role - Cell wall formation , Respiration , photosynthesis, Secretion - how many are related with
mesosomes -

Nasopharynx opens through the …A… of the larynx region into the …B... Choose the correct option for A and B to
complete the given statement.

Fascicles are held together by the structure

Intercellular space present in -

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These MCQs are intended for checking your BiologyAll Chapters  knowledge!!

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Geitonogamy can occur in -

In glycolysis ultimately-

Synaptic knob is bulb-like structure which is present

Biofertilizers are organisms that enrich the nutrient quality of the soil. Which of the following can be used as

The rate of biomass production is

Which is the characteristic of desert plant

Homeostasis is

Passage of effluents into oxidation tank is for

In…………year Miller carry out experiment to
support chemical evolution by Oparin and

Limit of BOD prescribed by Central Pollution control Board for the discharge of industrial and municipal waste water
into natural surface water, is -

Ecological diversity exists at community level
and is of three types. Select the correctly
matched option for ecological diversity

GFC started with

In which of the following contraceptive method
side effects are almost nil ?

One of the major difficulties in the biological control on insect pests is that

The antibody which can cross placental barrier is:

Which of the following peptide chain is removed during maturation of pro-insulin into insulin?

Food is stored in form of carbohydrate in –

Xenogamy can occur in all except-

Heterophylly can be observed in
I. cotton  II. coriander  III. Larkpur
Select the right option

Injection of antitoxin in tetanus confers which type
of Immunization ?

Number of nucleotide present in DNA having 50
phosphodiester bond-

Which of the following is monocarpic

In india, the Air (prevention and Control of Pollution) Act came into force in 1981 but was emended in 1987 to

In a plant, red fruit (R) is dominant over yellow fruit (r)
and tallness (T) is dominant over shortness (t). If a plant
with RRTt genotype is crossed with a plant that is rrtt,

The domestic sewage in large cities.

In an ecosystem, the rate of production of
organic matter during photosynthesis is
termed as

Dihybrid cross is related to

Bacillus thuringiensis is a bacterium of-

Stratification is more pronounced in

Keeping beehives in crop fields during flowering period increases

Which of the following is not an autoimmune

High temperature, reducing environment and
volcanic storms also lead to formation of
similar product which form in Miller
experiment in elsewhere is produced by

Phosphoric acid link with AMP by ............. Bond-

Geitonogamy can occur in –

Word detritus includes

Antherozooid or sperm produced in organism which produced-

From following examples - Cucumber , Tobacco , sunflower, lotus, Plum , Mustard, Sesbania - How many are hypogynous

Special sequence in the DNA recognised by restriction endonuclease is called

Egg apparatus have number of gamets is-

In which of the following group cell division and reproduction is
not same thing-

Mark the wrong statement-

Due to eutrophication____.

Cells which help in the formation of bones are called

A functional unit of nature, where living
organisms interact among themselves and
also with the surrounding physical
environment is

Which of the following is nucleotide -

Select the incorrect statement

Biotic components refer to

How many statements are correct for IUDs:
(i) They are self inserted
(ii) They are inserted by Doctors or expert nurses.
(iii) Non medicated IUDs are made up of copper.
(iv) These devices are implanted in uterus through
(v) It is most widely accepted in India.
(vi) IDUs are ideal contraceptives for the female
who want to delay pregnancy.
(vii) IUDs increase phagocytosis of sperms in the
(viii)CuT, LNG-20, Vaults, cervical caps are some
popular IUDs.

Why insulin not administered orally to diabetic patient?

Thickness of ozone is measured in

The first recombinant DNA was constructed by

In india, Jhum cultivation is practiced mainly in

Embryogenesis involve -

Detail which is not present on herbarium sheet-

In a given plant, red colour (R) of fruit is dominant over
white fruit (r): and tallness (T) is dominant over dwarfness
(t). If a plant with genotype RRTt is crossed with a plant
of genotype rrtt, what will be the percentage of tall plants
with red fruits in the next generation ?

Which of the following plant part may persist even after

Which type of bond present in deoxyribose sugar and adenine
in nucleoside-

- - are used in detergent formulations and are helpful in removing oily stains from laundry.

External fertilization occur in

Binary fission is different to bud produce in yeast in following

H2 and He evolved

In a cross between AaBb x aabb, the ratio of f2 genotypes
between AaBb,aaBb, Aabb, and aaBb would be

Which is not feature of clone-

Pyramid of biomass in sea is

Fill up the blanks in the following paragraph by selecting the correct option.
Inbreeding (i) Thus inbreeding is necessary if we want to evolve a
(ii) in any animal. Inbreeding exposes harmful
(iii) genes that are eliminated by selection

Which of the following is/are example(s) of

Mark the correctly matched -

Cryptorchidism is

In ………year priestley discovered oxygen-

A functional ADA cDNA can be introduced into cells of the patients receiving gene therapy by using vector
constituted by

The fruit juice turn bitter in taste if they are kept in open place for sometime, because of

Three levels of biodiversity are

In rooted plants, transport in xylem is:

If log A= 4, Z= 0.3 and log C= 0.8, find the
value of log ’S’

How many types of gametes will be produced by individuals
of AABbcc genotypes if two genes A and B are linked

Accessory glands of male reproductive system are

The process of accumulation of a dark
coloured amorphous substances that is highly
resistant to microbial action and undergoes
decomposition at an extremely slow rate is

The technique by which "Dolly" the sheep was obtained, is called -

Mineral involve in assembly of ribosome -

Which is incorrect regarding sporogenous tissue-

The microbe used for making bread is

Which one of the following has the highest
number of species in nature?

In viola which type of pollination can occur-

Which of the following are common freshwater fishes?

Single cell protein refers to :

Which of the following cells secrete testicular
hormones called androgens and form endocrine part
of the testis ?

Measuring Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is a method used for

Plants with non-motile male gamets are-

Gases which was produced from molten mass
of early earth

AaBbCc genotype individual show linkage for A,B,C allele
and no crossing over occur than type of gamete formed is-

What is the composition of the biogas?

Three DNA P ,Q and R have 20 percent A , 20 percent G and
30 percent G respectively if all three have length 340nm than
which is denature at highest temperature-

The components of ecosystem are seen to
function as a unit when you consider the
following aspects

MOET stands for

In ecological pyramid which one is absent

The gradual and fairly predicable change in
the species composition of a given area is

In dihybrid cross between AABB x aabb, In f2 generation
progeny with genotype AABB, AABb, Aabb and AaBb
occurs In the ratio of-:

The enzymatic process by which degraded
detritus is converted into simpler inorganic
substances is called

…………rule states that mammals from colder
climates generally have shorter ears and limbs
to minimize heat loss

In a pea plant if each microsporangia have 10 PMC than
maximum pollen produced in 10 flowers is-

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